Equipment & Diagnostic Services

Diagnostic Services

The medical team at our hospital has a variety of diagnostic tools that can be used to help detect diseases and monitor ongoing medical conditions.


In-House Laboratory​

Blood Chemistry: Our on-site lab can evaluate the kidneys, liver, blood sugar, electrolytes, pancreas, thyroid, and many other parameters.

Complete Blood Count (CBC): This allows us to check for anemia, infection, blood parasites, platelet disorders, and many other problems.

Urine Analysis: In only minutes, we are able to do a complete urine analysis. This allows us to assess kidney health, the presence of Diabetes, check for urinary tract infections, and other conditions

Rapid Tests: The rapid testing technology allows for quick results when checking for heartworm disease, Feline Leukemia, FIV, Giardia, pancreatitis and Parvovirus.

Fecal Testing: We are able to diagnose and treat many intestinal parasite conditions.


Send-Out Testing: Based on your pet’s needs, there are literally hundreds of test options we can utilize through off site laboratory facilities. Results are typically back to us in 24 to 48 hours.

Diagnostic Imaging

Digital Radiography: Our in-house x-ray machine utilizes advanced digital technology that allows us to see an image within seconds of taking the x-ray. The digital technology means less radiation is needed and the images are very detailed.

Abdomen Ultrasound: This imaging method is useful in being able to see inside certain organs such as the bladder, kidneys, liver, and several others. 

Other Diagnostic Tests

Tonometry: This is a small pen-like device that is used to measure the pressure of the eyes. This is most often used when a patient is suspected of having Glaucoma, elevated eye pressure. This is a quick, convenient, painless test, and results are instantaneous.

Electrocardiogram: Also known as an ECG, this testing device measures the electrical activity of the heart, and is a useful diagnostic tool that provides fast results.

Cytologies: Samples taken for skin infections, ear infections, and some growths can be evaluated in-house


Schirmer Tear Test: This is an in-house test used to check for a condition known as Dry Eye.